Here Is How To Tell If Your Cat Is Secretly Trying To Get Rid Of You. Know The Warning Signs.

They sucker you in with those adorable faces and cute little toesies and then…. BAM!

1. Soon…


2. That…um…smile!


3. Excellent…


4. What big claws you have!

What big claws you have!

5. “I am going to remember this…and you…will…PAY!”

"I am going to remember this...and you...will...PAY!!!!"

6. Going somewhere?

Going somewhere?

7. The jig is up.

The jig is up.

8. Oh yes, the small human must “disappear”.

evil cats plotting demise 8

9. Looks like a hostage situation!

Looks like a hostage situation!

10. The rage in his eyes is terrifying.

The rage in his eyes is terrifying.

11. I’m melllllltttinggggg.

I'm melllllltttinggggg

12. Nothing to see here.

Nothing to see here.

13. Human you have displeased me.

Human you have displeased me

14. Look me in the face and say that.

Look me in the face and say that

15. Pycotic cat

Pycotic cat

16. Just look into my eyes.

Just look into my eyes.

17. Nom nom nom.

Nom nom nom.

18. Looks like he got some plan in his mind.

Looks like he got some plan in his mind