Here Are 17 Parents Who Will Make You Feel Like The Best Parent In The World

Pretty much all parents make the occasional mistake when it comes to parenting. These parents however have definitely taken things to the next level. After looking through these pictures, you’ll be convinced you’re the best parent in the world.

1. This basket case.

This basket case.


2. So many questions.


3. Who thought this was ok.


4. This classy dad.


5. Excelling at being a horrible dad.


6. This had me actually say WTF.


7. Well, how else do you hold a baby with one hand?


8. I can ride my bike with no handlebars…?


9. Bad parenting 101.


10. What would YOU do with the money?


11. Mother of the Year.


12. How to kill two birds with one stone.


13. Child safety.


14. So much fail…


15. There’s nothing more gangster than guns and a child.


16. Great father time.


17. Hold on son…