Funny April Fool Prank Ideas You Can Play On Your Friends

The first day of April is the day when people play prank on their friends and we call it April Fools Day. Here are some of the best April Fool prank idea which you can play on your friends. Now, no more same boring pranks because here are some of the best pranks.

1. Become a seat and see reaction of people

2. Paint soap with clear Nail Paint and put it in bathroom

3. Keep fake Rats in their Office

4. Change the taste of their Oreo with edible Toothpaste

5. Give their tongue a new taste with Caramel Onions

6. Make Insect from paper and put it under the lamp

7. Create infinite loop of shopping trolleys around their car

8. Replace Air Freshner with Shrimp Scent

9. Replace their bath mat with fake blood footprints

10. Sew their socks closed halfway down

11. Put ‘For Sale’ in their front yard

12. Tape an Air Horn next to the door