Famous Hollywood Celebrities With Their Adorable Pets

We all love animals and our favorite stars are also animal lovers just like us. Here are the famous Hollywood Stars who are animal lovers and their pics with their pets will be the best thing you see on internet today.

1. Liam Hemsworth with his Dog

2. Demi Lovato with her cute puppy

3. Allison Williams with her Dog

4. Olivia Palermo with her adorable puppy

5. Taylor Swift with her cute Cat

6. Gigi Hadid with her cat Cleo

7. Kylie Jenner with her little puppies

8. kendall Jenne with her Dog

9. Amanda Seyfried and her Dog Finn

10. Katy Perry with her cute little puppy

11. Ruby Rose and her Dog RU

12. Vanessa Hudgens and Dog Darla