DIY Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas

Make your house the spookiest place on the block with all these awesome DIY Halloween decor ideas!

1. DIY Floating Witch’s Hat Luminaries

DIY Floating Witchs Hat Luminaries

2. DIY Front Porch Mummies Decor

DIY Front Porch Mummies Decor

3. Candy Corn Candle Holders

Candy Corn Candle Holders

4. Glass Spray Pumpkin Decor

Glass Spray Pumpkin Decor

5. DIY Paranormal Portraits

DIY Paranormal Portraits

6. DIY Spooky Handsoap

DIY Spooky Handsoap

7. DIY Lawn Ghosts Decor

DIY Lawn Ghosts Decor

8. DIY Skull Candle Holder

DIY Skull Candle Holder

9. DIY Mummy Front Door

DIY Mummy Front Door

10. Witch Welcome Mat Decor

Witch Welcome Mat Decor

11. Skeleton in a Wheelbarrow Decoration

Skeleton in a Wheelbarrow Decoration