Cats That Need Your Attention The Second You Start Reading

Most cat owners are familiar with their cats completely ignoring them anytime they try to get their attention, but the second you pick up a book or your phone, they just can’t help but interrupt things with their adorable little faces.

1. “You no study, you play with Pebbles”

"You no study, you play with Pebbles"

2. “You do not want to read. You want to pet and love your kitty”

3. “I’ll just lay here.”

"I'll just lay here."

4. He’s an avid consumer…

5. Who wants to study when you have this bundle of joy!

6. Now that’s what I’m Tolkien about.

7. Are you really going to write that?

8. That’s enough studying for today

9. It’s got good taste in literature.

10. And in the news, ME!

And in the news, ME!

11. Stop using that iPad. I want attention!

12. It’s cat time, not read time!

13. Whenever someone tries to read the newspaper.

14. What do you mean you have time to study!?

15. Done studying yet?