16 Examples Of The Worst Taxidermy EVER. #11 Is Just Crazy!

Taxidermy is a highly skilled hobby/job that is respected among many people nowadays. It can still be a bit creepy though, especially when you create something like what these taxidermists created in the pictures below.

1. I’m actually really impressed.

I'm actually really impressed.


2. “That wasn’t a fart…”

3. Sup Brah?


5. The rare “barrel cat”.

6. Foxes on LSD.


7. “Kill me”


8. This is what nightmares are made of.


9. These lions have seen some things…


10. Underbite Goat is late to the planking fad.


11. Fly, my pretty, fly!


12. “Why did you do this to me?”


13. I really don’t even know what this is.


14. Fabiowl.


15. I think it is supposed to be a squirrel.


16. Startled kitten.