15 Expectation VS Reality Memes Which Are Too Funny

We often see a meme which perfectly matches with our situation. Expectation vs Reality memes are one of those memes which makes you feel that you have also faced this situation or facing it currently. These 15 memes will make you laugh hard.

1. Expected face of typing Lol and its Reality

2. Expectation of new Teacher and reality

3. Expectation of waking up and Reality

4. Expectation of Burger and Reality

5. Lol! This one is so true

6. Expectation of sleeping with baby and reality

7. Expectation of giving pout and reality

8. Expectation of haircut and reality

9. Lol! Expectation of Makeup tutorial and reality

10. Expectation of New Year Resolution and reality

11. Expectation of putting Toothpaste and reality

12. Expectation of keeping Moustache and reality

13. Expecting yummy breakfast and reality

14. Expectation of Hot Chocolate and reality

15. Expectation of studying for Exam and reality