14 Of The Most Adorable DIY Baby Projects

Whether you have a baby of your own or you just want to make a present for a friend’s child, you’ll want to get straight to crafting once you take a look at these adorable DIY baby projects.

1. DIY Baby Hedgehog Costume

DIY Baby Hedgehog Costume

2. DIY Unicorn Hat

DIY Unicorn Hat

3. Turn a Baby Dress into a Bubble Romper

Turn a Baby Dress into a Bubble Romper

4. Dinosaur Hoodie

Dinosaur Hoodie

5. DIY Embroidered Toasties

DIY Embroidered Toasties

6. DIY Moccasins for Children

DIY Moccasins for Children

7. DIY Happy Raincloud Mobile

DIY Happy Raincloud Mobile

8. DIY Sock Monkey Costume

DIY Sock Monkey Costume

9. DIY Sequin Headband

DIY Sequin Headband

10. DIY Washcloth Puppets

DIY Washcloth Puppets

11. DIY Animal Ear Headbands

DIY Animal Ear Headbands

12. Monster Inc Hat Pattern

Monster Inc Hat Pattern

13. Lucky Star Ombre Mobile

Lucky Star Ombre Mobile

14. DIY child swing

DIY child swing

Source: www.diyncrafts.com