12 Ocean Animal Crafts For Kids

Kids love art and crafts activities and we should teach them more about crafts project to help them to be more creative. Art and Crafts help kids to learn creatively and it helps them in their school projects also. Here are some amazing Ocean Animal Crafts project which are easy but interesting. Now, its time to spend summer holidays with your kids by teaching them these awesome crafts ideas. Click on the link to get the full instruction.

1. Paper Plate Whale

2. Shark Sensory Bottle

3. Jelly Fish Printable Puppets

4. Oyster Pearls

5. Clay Sea Turtle Art

6. Crab And Lobster

7. Bubble Wrap Starfish Craft

8. Celery Stamping Rainbow Fish

9. Cupcake Liner Crab

10. Egg Carton Turtle

11. Styrofoam Cup Whale

12. Foam Ball Octopus