12 Hilarious Cats Who Got Stuck And Regret Their Decision

Cats are too cute and one of the naughtiest animal too. Sometimes Cats keep themselves in trouble by their own choice and regret it later. Here 12 Cats who got stuck and their regret can be seen on their face.

1. Who said you to come from window? Now, let me click your pic first then i will help you to come out.

2. She got stuck in Poly Bag and her face is like “Oh my God, How will i come out’?

3. First tell me How and Why? What was she searching in empty bottle? But whatever she was looking for it is looking damn funny to see her in bottle.

4. It seems she is trying to come out but someone is busy in clicking her pic and she is like ”Ohh Plz help me first”.

5. She does not know that hanger is for hanging clothes not for hanging Cats.

6. Her cute expressions shows that she is ok to be there and do not want to come out.

7. Oh No! It seems she got kidnapped by Dogs. Lol

8. OMG! Her expressions shows how scared she is to get stuck there.

9. Aww! She is looking Damn cute but i do not wanna see her in pain

10. She is ready to spend her rest of life under the grill and do not wanna come out.

11. You did not give her food first so she stole yours.

12. Ouch Cat is under the couch! It seems she is hiding herself from a Dog.