12 Funny Grandma Memes Which Are Hilarious

Grandmas are best part of every child’s life because they are like our second mother, who cares for us just like our mother or even more than her. These Grandma memes ruled the internet and damn funny.

1. Lol! Grandma is so innocent

2. Oops! Grandma Caught you

3. Lol! Grandma i am full now

4. OMG! Grandma is screwed now

5. Lmao! Future Grandma be like

6. Lol! Grandma showed her innocence again

7. Rofl! Grandma is always ready to help

8. OMG! Eat fast, Grandma is angry

9. Lol! Grandma is over protective but still sweet

10. Ohh Please! release Grandma, she won’t annoy you again

11. Lol! Grandma trolled you

12. lol! Grandma do not know who is Steve Jobs