12 Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Award

Cats are cutest but little bit dramatic also and this thing makes them more adorable. Here is a collection of pics which shows how dramatic these cats are. Expressions and behavior of these cats are so dramatic that they deserve to win an Award for their dramatic behavior. Have a look at these adorable pics of dramatic cats and decide which drama queen is more adorable.

1. It seems she does not wanna let her go

2. Lol! She is trying to become a singer

3. OMG! Is she happy or angry to see new member of family

4. Lol! She seems tired

5. Lol! Scary expressions

6. Lol! Is she doing yoga

7. Lol! Here is our expression queen

8. Lol! Look at her expressions

9. Lol! She is angry but why?

10. Lol! Such a drama queen

11. Aww! This one is cute

12. Lol! Why so serious