12 Decorative Candles DIY Projects

You can make these awesome decorative candles at home and the best thing is it is less expensive. You probably have all the things which are needed to make these candles. It is less expensive and very gorgeous. Get ready, to make your own inexpensive candles to decorate your home. Click on the link to get the full tutorial.

1.  DIY Cake Scented Funfetti Candle

2. Cathrineholm Enamelware Candles

3. French Vanilla Candles

4. Multi-Scented Candles

5. Whimsical Tote Candles

6. Picture Candle Holder

7. Painted Candle Holders

8. Rope-Wrapped Candle Holder

9. Stained Glass Candles

10. Soy Wedding Candles

11. Crayon Candles

12. Mason Jar Candles