12 Awesome Sharpie Crafts Ideas

If you have Sharpie and permanent marker pens then these cool crafts projects are for you. You can make many customized things with Sharpie and these crafts are very creative. Take out your Sharpie and get ready to create beautiful thing with it. These crafts projects are so easy that even children can try them.  Click on the link to get the full tutorial.

1. Decorate lamp with Sharpie

2. Give your shoes Galaxy look with Sharpie

3. Sharpie Designed Spring Coasters

4. Paint your bowls with Sharpie

5. Painted Rocks with Sharpie

6. Tribal print iPhone case

7. DIY Umbrella with Sharpie

8. Kids Sneakers with Sharpie

9. Tattooed Denim Jacket with Sharpie

10. Outlet Cover with Sharpie

11. Finger print Tree plate with Sharpie

12. Colorful Glass Ornament with Sharpie