12 Awesome DIY Ideas With Plastic Bottles

Have you ever thought that your plastic bottle can be used to create something amazing? If not then its time to think about it because today we will tell you some of the best DIY ideas to create with plastic bottles. Your old plastic bottles can be reused and can be turned into something useful.

1. Flower Pot With Plastic Bottle

2. Beautiful Plastic Bottle Vase

3. Butterfly Decoration With Plastic Bottle

4. Bird Home With Plastic Bottle

5. Plastic Flowers Animated By Light

6. Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

7. Candle Holder With Plastic Bottle Neck

8. Small Doll House For Kids

9. Piggy Bank For Kids

10. Plastic Bottle Pencil Holder And For Keeping Other Stuff

11. Jewellery Holder With Plastic Bottle

12. Plastic bottle Flowers