12 Amazing Crafts You Can Make With Cardboard

Have you ever though that cardboard can be used to make so many useful things. Next time, when you think to throw cardboard then please do not do it because it can be used for some crafts project. These cardboard projects are easy and very eye catching. Do not forget to share this post to let people know about these beautiful cardboard DIY projects.

1. Cardboard Roll Mirror

2. Cardboard Doll House

3. Cardboard Handbag

4. Cardboard Colorful Tent

5. Cardboard Piggy Bank

6. Cardboard Guitars


7. Cardboard Pet House

8. Cardboard Vase

9. Cardboard Photo Frames

10. Cardboard Laptop Case

11. Cardboard Bird House

12. Cardboard Pen or pencil Holder